Indianapolis Business Journal

JULY 1-6, 2022

The major stock indexes tumbled into bear territory in the first half of 2022, but many Indiana-based public companies have performed surprisingly well during the market downturn. Susan Orr has more on how the Indiana Index and solid performers like Eli Lilly and Co. are holding the line. Also on this week’s issue, John Russell pulls the curtain back on pharmacy benefit managers, which operate as middlemen between pharmacies, drugmakers and health insurance plans. And Daniel Bradley details the plans behind the $59.1 million expansion of the Boone County Jail, which officials say will help lead to an increased focus on rehabilitation and less on warehousing inmates.

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Letter: Abortion ban would be regressive

My jaw dropped when I read Curt Smith’s column from the June 10 Forefront section of IBJ [Curt Smith: Overturning Roe is right choice for country]. To quote: “There will be vigorous debate as to whether state law should allow exceptions, such as the life of the mother, rape and incest.” Excuse me? The life […]

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Letter: ‘Complete Streets’ policy is worth passing

There are many components that lead to thriving, successful businesses. One of those components is an assurance of safe and easy access to those businesses for consumers. Sadly, many of our urban neighborhoods lack infrastructure like sidewalks, bike lanes and wheelchair cutouts that would make it safer and easier for residents of those neighborhoods to […]

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