Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 8-14, 2018

A downtown parking lot that for nearly 25 years has sat undeveloped—despite a zoning rule barring surface lots in the area—finally is poised to be built upon. Scott Olson has the scoop on a new seven-story project on Pennsylvania Street, and why it took so long. Also in this week’s issue, Lindsey Erdody explains what’s behind a spike in leadership turnover among local not-for-profit groups. And in Focus, Hayleigh Colombo explores the frustrations felt by some Indiana teachers and whether they might follow the lead of striking teachers in several states across the country.

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Civic leaders launch push to meld transit, technology

The Central Indiana Personal Mobility Network is in its early stages. But the general idea is to use technology, including a smartphone app and other tools, to make it easier for people to use IndyGo and other local transportation options, including Blue Indy electric-car sharing, Indiana Pacers Bikeshare, Uber, and Lyft.

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Study finds that generic drugs suffer more recalls

Researchers from three universities, including Indiana University, have found that price competition in the generic drug market might be putting more patients at health risk due to a higher number of manufacturing-related product recalls.

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IPS parents graduate from activism program

The program, Stand University for Parents, helps parents take an “active role in helping their child’s struggling schools,” according to Stand for Children, an Oregon-based education-advocacy group.

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LETTER: When silence is deafening, speak up

Mickey Maurer does an excellent job highlighting the indifferent response from various anti-hate organizations and individuals who provide Louis Farrakhan a free pass to espouse anti-Semitism in their name.

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