Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 29-APRIL 4, 2019

IndyGo says the electric buses it intends to use on the Red Line are falling short of expectations in an important way: Drivers have been unable to squeeze more than 256 miles out of a fully charged vehicle. Susan Orr reports on how IndyGo is dealing with the problem. Also in this issue, Lindsey Erdody reveals that the founder of FACE, a low-cost animal clinic in Indianapolis, is alleging the not-for-profit’s current leadership is misleading donors and mismanaging funds. And Anthony Schoettle explains how Bill Oesterle, a former CEO of Angie’s List and a confidant of Gov. Mitch Daniels, is using his new tech firm to persuade people with connections to the Hoosier state to move back.

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Fannie and Freddie return to Senate spotlight as Crapo seeks fix

A Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fix is on Washington’s agenda—again. Congress has kicked off its latest attempt to forge a path forward for the mortgage giants, something that’s proved extremely elusive in the 11 years that the companies have been under U.S. control. Starting March 26, Senate Banking Committee Chairman Mike Crapo began holding […]

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Editorial: Community needs to act to on income inequality problems

Local companies—be they big corporations or small startups—need a strong talent pool from which to draw their workers. State and local governments need a healthy tax base from which to pull revenue to keep the region’s infrastructure—roads, mass transit, internet access and more—strong enough for business. And the region needs residents who invest time, money and energy into their homes, their schools and their community at large. None of that can happen when a large percentage of the population is economically drowning.

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Sam Julka: Well-designed workspaces are no joke

One of the most common words we hear related to office space is “outdated.” People don’t need to show up to a workplace with gold-plated file cabinets—although maybe that’s back in. What does Beyoncé have in her office?

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Trying kids as adults is wrong approach

Greg Morris’s recent column [12- and 13-year-olds can belong in adult court, March 15], references Indiana Senate Bill 279, which, if passed into law, would expand Indiana’s waiver/transfer law to 12- and 13-year-olds for attempted murder. Trying and sentencing young children in the adult system is not an age- or developmentally-appropriate, or just response to […]

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Letter: IBJ should use more diverse sources

The lack of an accurate representation of the black community in a recent story could project a false sense of unanimity on our concerns about IPS. But more significantly, it conceals the diversity of perspectives within the black community on the future of IPS.

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Letter: Time to move away from high-stakes tests

Currently, school success is tied to student performance on high-stakes tests, like ISTEP 10. Our outdated, one-size-fits-all graduation and diploma system limits student potential and does not fully prepare every kid for life after high school.

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