Indianapolis Business Journal

MAY 30-JUNE 5, 2016

In IBJ’s second annual innovation issue, we approach the titular topic from several angles. Biochemist Richard DiMarchi proves entrepreneurism isn’t solely for the young, having started five companies since retiring from Eli Lilly and Co. Reporter Jared Council takes an aerial view, tracking the growing roster of tech companies located in the heart of downtown. The masterminds behind concert-promotions firm MOKB Presents explain how they created a cluster of entertainment-related companies to help seed local culture. And a Purdue professor leverages the promise of the space age by placing experiments aboard suborbital rockets.

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Driverless future ahead for trucking?

Automated trucks initially will have drivers on board in case something goes wrong, a similar model to the one employed by airlines (pilots’ role in the cockpit is mostly precautionary since planes can run on autopilot).

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