Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 16-22, 2021

After Indiana University fired men’s basketball coach Archie Miller in March, the athletic department needed more than a savvy basketball mind with a high-profile name. IBJ’s Anthony Schoettle explains how the triad of head coach Mike Woodson and wingmen Dane Fife and Thad Matta could help revive the alumni passion and donations that dried up after the firing of Bob Knight. Also in this issue, Kurt Christian explains how a series of actions taken by the Republican-majority Carmel City Council is raising questions about whether members are becoming more skeptical of Mayor Jim Brainard’s vision for the city and subsequent spending. And Greg Andrews reveals that the two highest-paid executives at Strada Education Network have departed the powerful education not-for-profit in recent months—an indication that the Indianapolis-based organization is rethinking aspects of its strategy after four years of operation.

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Robert Herzog: Governing in the era of rapid change

Much has been made in the past year—our time of the great pandemic—about the failure of our federal government to not only be prepared for a global pandemic, but also to quickly react to protect its citizens in the face of a once-in-a-lifetime event. Sides have been drawn. On one side, only the private sector […]

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Letter: Income inequality is growing

There is no standardized methodology for estimating wealth and income inequality. This makes it tempting for one to choose a methodology that resembles one’s politics.

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