Indianapolis Business Journal

DECEMBER 14-20, 2015

Jim Burkhart, who was fired this fall after the FBI raided his home and American Senior Communities’ offices, holds agreements under which he could acquire 63 nursing homes managed by his former employer. J.K. Wall explains how this would work. Also in this week’s issue, Lindsey Erdody how Carmel has ended up million of dollars short this year, which has left the city scrambling to pay its bills. And in Focus, Hayleigh Colombo previews the hot issues in the upcoming legislative session.

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Tough decisions pay off for ISO

On Dec. 7, the ISO reported its third straight budget surplus, thanks to a rise in ticket sales and steady fundraising. All parties involved—from the ISO’s new management team to the musicians, who took steep pay cuts in the interest of securing the organization’s long-term future—deserve kudos for how far they’ve come.

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Bike lanes help drivers, too

Drivers should love the new lanes. Not only do they makes the roads safer, but with more people feeling comfortable riding their bike instead of driving, in time, the streets will be a lot less congested.

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Tax column off base

There is certainly no empirical evidence to suggest that our current marginal tax rate is too high for the purposes of generating revenue.

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