Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 10-16, 2022

As the city of Indianapolis considers selling carbon credits to invest in carbon reducing forestry products, it might be able to turn some sizable local companies into customers. Leslie Bonilla Muñiz writes that corporate interest in carbon neutrality opens opportunities for city programs. Also in this week’s issue, Daniel Bradley explains how the not-for-profit Agape Therapeutic Riding Resources helps people with disabilities and mental health challenges by providing opportunities to bond with animals. And Mickey Shuey reports that the Indianapolis Airport Authority has updated its incentives plan to free up more fuel to chase nonstop flights.

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Letter: Believe the victims

Believing victims takes all of us. It starts at home, with open and frequent conversations about consent and healthy and respectful relationships. You can learn how to be an effective bystander. You can talk to your employer about workplace sexual harassment policies. You can contact your federal and local elected official to advocate for survivors. And you can support initiatives that empower survivors.

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