Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 26-JULY 2, 2020

Housing advocates are warning of a tidal wave of evictions in the state this summer unless an effort is coordinated to head it off. Samm Quinn examines the chances that housing instability could upend Indiana's fragile economy. Also in this week's issue, Lindsey Erdody explores the puzzling lack of momentum for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dr. Woody Myers. His resume seems tailor-made for this moment, with a medical degree and solid experience in public health. And although he’s the first Black candidate for governor for either of the major political parties, Myers and the governor’s race aren’t top of mind right now in the Black community. And Kurt Christian reports that a wave of more than 3,000 new homes near 146th Street and Towne Road may soon blur the line between Carmel and Westfield’s west-side neighborhoods.

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Editorial: City should diversify partnerships

Opening opportunities for Black Americans and other groups means rethinking not just how we do things but why we do them the way we do. And then amending or even ripping those systems apart and rebuilding them.

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Letter: Listen to scientists

Much as I, personally, would love to get back to a “normal” situation, I am willing to delay gratification and proceed with much thought and discussion on activities we would love to resume.

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Letter: Cities abused by police unions

Language in collective bargaining agreements tying the hands of local officials to discipline or terminate poor performance should never have been allowed at all and is likely in conflict with state law.

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