Indianapolis Business Journal

AUG. 16-22, 2019

In this week’s issue, Hayleigh Colombo explores the controversy surrounding the decision by the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to demolish the 91-year-old Drake apartment building next to its campus. Historic preservation advocates are holding out hope for a reprieve, but the museum says it’s not interested in selling the building. Also this week, Mickey Shuey reports that Indianapolis Public Schools is about to embark on a comprehensive study of 71 properties—including schools and other buildings—to determine which ones should be closed or sold. Samm Quinn gets ahead of a big contract to be awarded by the Department of Education that could bring hundreds of jobs to Fishers. And Anthony Schoettle explores troubles at New York-based Voxx International that could lead it to sell locally based subsidiary, Klipsch, which has been a bright point for the company in recent years.

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Tariq Al-Nasir: Time to focus on early childhood education in STEM

Through STEM, we have the opportunity to address a problem that disproportionately plagues underserved minority children. Let’s do the math: If the average salary of a STEM job in Indiana is $60,000, and the average salary in the state is $31,000, which job offers a quicker path to the middle class for a student born into poverty? I’ll take STEM for $60,000.

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Letter: Recovery centers not created equal

Many of these new providers are for-profit startups attracted primarily by the increased demand in recovery services. I am proud to serve an organization such as Fairbanks who has a trusted history of care, with 75 years of serving the recovery community here in Indiana.

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Letter: 5G installation by surprise

Imagine returning from work one day to find a 5G tower pole has been erected in the right-of-way at the front (not the corner) of your property. That is what happened to me in Fountain Square.

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