Indianapolis Business Journal

DEC. 20-26, 2019

In this week's issue, Lindsey Erdody reports on Gov. Eric Holcomb's decision to continue placing refugees in Indiana and explores what that will mean for the state. The issue also includes a story by Mickey Shuey on the leadership change at the Indianapolis Zoo following CEO Mike Crowther's long, successful run. In addition, John Russell explores what's behind the Lilly Endowment's recent sales of 2 million shares of Eli Lilly and Co. stock.

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Letter: Thank you, Mickey

I am so appreciative of your support of equal opportunities for all, your straight talk on racism and discrimination, for your sensible approach to issues of gay marriage and abortion and all those sticky, scary topics which divide us, especially in Indiana.

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Brian Tabor: Calling Indiana an outlier hurts economic development

According to national data, health insurance premiums in Indiana are below the national average and almost all states in our region. We can build on the strength of Indiana’s existing health care system while reducing costs, but we must do so without blaming one segment like hospitals.

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Cameron Carter: A study in contrasts on impeachment

Todd Young, our state’s senior senator, seems to understand his role as a juror, withholding judgment until weighing all arguments and evidence. Steve Braun, elected little over a year ago, is enthusiastically embracing the role of defense counsel for the president.

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