Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPT. 18-24, 2020

The basement of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is jam-packed with hundreds of vehicles—some in pristine condition—that never go on display. Mickey Shuey reports that as the facility looks to upgrade its collection, dozens of those cars are going on the auction block. Also in this week’s issue, Susan Orr takes stock of the forces expected to batter small businesses this fall, likely leading to a devastating shakeout. And Greg Andrews examines how enigmatic Simon Property Group CEO David Simon is handling the sudden deluge of national interest in his firm’s high-profile purchases of bankrupt retailers, such as Brooks Brothers and J.C. Penney.

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Q&A: Digging for dinosaur fossils

Jenn Anné, lead paleontologist and manager of the Natural Science Collections at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, recently returned from Wyoming where she and her team dug for fossils to bring back to the museum. The trip garnered more than two tons of findings.

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