Indianapolis Business Journal

OCT. 23-29, 2020

As the world holds its breath while drugmakers rush vaccine candidates for COVID-19 through development, an Indiana-based startup is planning to launch a $60 million drug-manufacturing plant in Fishers that can help pharmaceutical companies get new products to market faster. Kurt Christian explains how INCog is planning to seize on the new urgency for developing and manufacturing drugs much more quickly than in the past. Also in this week’s issue, Lindsey Erdody identifies the top campaign donors for Indiana’s three gubernatorial candidates. And IBJ honors the winner of this year’s Michael A. Carroll Award: Teresa Lubbers, former state senator and the long-time commissioner of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.

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James Madison: Indiana’s Klan legacy deserving of an honest reckoning

We’ve often embraced a consensus history, one devoid of conflict. A bloody civil war becomes a noble cause. The white supremacy that began in 1619 to build the largest system of forced labor in world history becomes a sidebar with modest significance. Such myths are prerequisites for so-called patriotic history. They comfort us, at least until we understand them as simple propaganda ill-suited to democracy.

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Letter: All are to blame for lack of federal assistance

Reasonable people might differ on the details. But reasonable people are elected and appointed to resolve differences on behalf of our country. And there is no debating the many industries—and when we say industries, we’re really talking about people, jobs, families and livelihoods—are suffering.

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Letter: It’s time for us to depolarize

A non-political, non-partisan group formed in 2016 called Braver Angels is stepping up to help America depolarize. In its campaign, With Malice Toward None, Braver Angels is reaching out to individuals, churches, schools, and civic organizations with a program that these groups can use to help their own members depolarize before and after the November election.

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