Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 19-25, 2021

Between the pandemic, road construction and downtown safety concerns, the Indianapolis City Market has been dealing with a heavy load of challenges over the past year, and there’s no consensus on its recovery prospects. Susan Orr asks the market's new executive director about the strategy to stabilize and strengthen the institution. Also in this week's issue, John Russell reports that Indiana has become one of the latest battlegrounds between hospitals and health insurers over the cost of specialty drugs to treat serious diseases. And Greg Andrews has the inside story on how Indianapolis was able to land the NCAA's headquarters in the late 1990s, forging a relationship that led to the decision this year to stage all of March Madness in central Indiana.

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Colts’ Pete Ward: It’s ‘in our blood’ to be involved in big Indy events

The Indianapolis Colts are among the 50 companies that have donated money to the Indy Championships Fund to help bring three huge sports events to Indianapolis: the NCAA Tournament underway now, the College Football Playoff National Championship in 2022 and the NBA All-Star Game in 2024. But the Colts have done more than donate. Pete Ward, the team’s chief operating officer, is on the fund’s board as well as the board of the Indiana Sports Corp., which is coordinating the effort.

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