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SEPT. 6-12, 2019

The medication Taltz has been found to treat several maladies, and it’s certainly helping Eli Lilly and Co. solve the problem of how to replace the sales from some of its older medicines. John Russell reports that Taltz is on course to reach blockbuster status with $1 billion-plus in annual sales. Also in this week’s issue, Samm Quinn examines the fight between the residents of one of Carmel’s oldest neighborhoods and a group proposing a four-unit townhouse by its main entry. Their concern isn’t just the project itself, but whether it will lead to more redevelopment that eliminates affordable housing and detracts from the charm of the neighborhood. And you’ll also want to check out our Arts and Entertainment Season Preview, with its events calendar and stories about new developments at Fonseca Theatre, Newfields and Carmel’s Center for Performing Arts.

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Ousted CEO of Noyes sues investment firm

Mark Damer of Carmel, 62, filed suit against Noyes last month in Hamilton Superior Court. Damer’s complaint says his termination was in violation of the employment agreement he had signed months earlier, and that, after his termination, Noyes denied him access to records related to the Bayley Investment Group.

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New space race grips Purdue

A deluge of funding has flowed into space research—fueled in part by the emergence of well-heeled companies have built gigantic rockets that are not only state of the art but also vastly cheaper to launch than previous models.

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Kristen Cooper: Is unicorn lust impeding investment in local startups?

Central Indiana is home to dozens of scalable startups that are generating revenue—some are even profitable. They started up their companies to solve a problem, make a positive social impact and make money. While the valuation of the company may never exceed $1 billion, their business model has the recipe to propel the company into generating millions—even tens or hundreds of millions—of dollars.

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Letter: Not all virtual schools are the same

Virtual schools, like district public and private schools, are not all the same. It is time for policymakers and public communities to recognize that; there are bound to be a few in education who act as if they are above the law.

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A&E preview: 120+ events you shouldn’t miss this season

Welcome to the 2019/2020 central Indiana arts season. I say that assuming you are an audience member and not one of the thousands of local arts professionals and talented non-pros. Many of those folks have already been hard at work creating and curating what you’ll see on stages and in galleries and experience elsewhere over the coming months.

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A&E Preview: Bryan Fonseca’s next stage

In 2018 his Fonseca Theatre jumped headlong into a full season of plays focused on diversity and issue-driven theater, using Indy Convergence and other existing spaces. At the same time, Fonseca and his team purchased and began renovating a new theater.

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