Indianapolis Business Journal

AUG. 2-8, 2019

In the latest issue, Hayleigh Colombo reports that the Blue Indy electric car-sharing service hasn’t yet made a profit in four years and won’t any time in the near future. But officials say they’re in it for the long haul. Also this week, Mickey Shuey reports that Indy Parks is grappling with the future of its 13 public golf courses as interest in the sport wanes and the need for maintenance and upgrades increases. Two courses are slated to close, and two others have been recommended for closure in an Indy parks study. And Susan Orr catches up with chef Jonathan Brooks after the first anniversary of his near-east side restaurant Beholder. Brooks made a name for himself in the national culinary scene with Milktooth, and expectations were high for Beholder. But business has been slow to build since its debut.

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Q&A with Larry Lannan, founder of news site

Larry Lannan, 67, of Fishers started writing about his hometown’s happenings after retiring from the Internal Revenue Service in 2011. Eight years later, his news blog,, and podcast deliver Fishers residents nearly daily news about their city. For Lannan, a former radio reporter, his news site is his way of giving back to his […]

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Developers, investors race to capitalize on ‘opportunity zones’ tax break

The federal “opportunity zones” initiative, designed to spur investment in low-income communities nationwide, is still in its early stages—but it’s already grabbed the attention of local developers and investors. Created as part of the federal tax legislation known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, the initiative offers substantial tax breaks to those […]

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Samantha Julka: Want real answers? Talk to people

I’m a formally trained researcher specializing in qualitative research. What that means, and how the job is different from other types of researchers, fills many a book. In the following few hundred words, I’m not going to bother talking about the nuances of researchers because, well, boring. Instead, I’m going to talk about an approach […]

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Letter: Eliminate gun-free zones

Gun-free zones are considered to be “soft targets.” Deranged shooters are attracted to them because they will be able to get their 15 minutes of fame before they are stopped.

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