Indianapolis Business Journal

JULY 15-21, 2022

Indiana lawmakers returning the the Statehouse for a special session this month will consider Gov. Eric Holcomb's plan to send $225 refunds to Hoosier taxpayers. But IBJ's Pete Blanchard reports that not all lawmakers—or political observers—think that's the best use of $1 billion from the state surplus. Also in this week's issue, John Russell explores why hospitals, insurers and health clinics are such tempting and vulnerable targets for hackers. And Dave Lindquist has the story of a group of high-profile filmmakers who have created a visual-effects firm in Indianapolis to meet a need they saw in the local market.

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Steve Obert: Immigration reform key to addressing farm labor shortage

Parents across the country are scrambling to find baby formula. They’re also seeing higher prices at the store for milk, cheese and ice cream. Congress can help address food shortages and inflation over the long term by passing common-sense immigration reforms. If dairy farmers could hire guest workers, we would have the skilled workers we […]

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