Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 5-11, 2020

After taking the one-two punch of the coronavirus crisis and damage from rioting, downtown is at a crossroads. The latest issue of IBJ tackles the question of how the city's core can recover. And Vop Osili, Erica Wells, Deborah Daniels and Marshawn Wolley share their perspectives on what needs to come next. Also in this issue, Marc Allan examines how WISH-TV Channel 8 has covered the racial equality demonstrations, their sometimes violent aftermath and the city’s response. Last year, WISH was purchased by Indianapolis native DuJuan McCoy, who became the only black owner of a TV station in a Top 50 U.S. market. One of his goals as an owner has been to increase and deepen the station’s coverage of diversity issues. And Anthony Schoettle reports on the run on bicycles at local bike shops, as riding has surged in popularity during pandemic lockdowns.

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Editorial: Downtown faces big tests, but failure isn’t an option

The business community has a huge role to play. The last time the city reinvented itself, turning a blighted downtown into a magnet for housing, retail, conventions and high-profile sporting events, the momentum came from business leaders who worked hand-in-hand with city government to transform the city.

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Vop Osili: Riots must shake us out of the status quo

We can and will address the concerns of citizens and business owners grappling with the damage to public and private spaces caused by last weekend’s violence. But we cannot do so without simultaneously wrestling, and besting, the historically tolerated race disparities that lie at the heart of that violence.

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Letter: Remember Gandhi, King

Those who have gone from protest to riot have forgotten the lessons of Gandhi and King. They were effective through non-violent civil disobedience.

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