Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 28-APRIL 2, 2020

Prior to March, Dr. Kristina Box was an almost anonymous public servant, despite her relatively high rank as state heath commissioner. Now she’s front-and-center every day as the state’s point person in batting the COVID-19 epidemic, which has claimed dozens of lives and threatens to overwhelm hospitals. John Russell profiles career-long obstetrician and gynecologist who now plays a key role in containing the spread of the disease and shaping the state’s recovery from a catastrophic event. Also in this week’s issue, Susan Orr explains how central Indiana banks are handling commercial customers who suddenly have found themselves unable to make loan payments because of pandemic-related business disruptions. And Greg Andrews examines how the coronavirus is thwarting years of hard-earned progress for Indianapolis-based Republic Airways.

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Letter: Low interest rates are perpetual bailout

The March 20 Economic Analysis column [Action by Fed can have unintended consequences], which states in part that “low rates (by the Federal Reserve) encourage banks to be generous in lending …” appears to extoll the virtues of low interest rates as imposed by the Federal Reserve for the better part of the last 12 years.

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