Indianapolis Business Journal

NOV. 12-18, 2021

Twenty months into the pandemic, it has become clear that there won’t be a rush of white-collar workers back to the office once the threat has passed. Susan Orr digs into the wide range of responses from local companies to the question of maintaining a remote workforce. Also in this week’s issue, Emily Ketterer explores the rise in Indiana of the Delta-8 THC, which has effects similar to traditional marijuana and is being sold in shops across the state thanks to a legal gray area that many state officials would rather not talk about. And Leslie Bonilla Muñiz reports on long-awaited cleanup of the Black Mountain industrial site on Indianapolis’ near-east side.

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Many pandemic college trends will stick around

During the pandemic, online learning options have exploded at Indiana colleges, as have the numbers of non-traditional students. And most experts agree the revolution is just getting started, with more new takes on the college experience to come.

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