Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 3-9, 2020

We’ve blown up the typical lineup of the paper this week to bring you a wide-ranging package of profiles, focusing on small businesses that have been impacted by the coronavirus crisis. We ask the owners how they’re seeking to persevere—and potentially gain a competitive advantage when normalcy returns. Also in this week’s issue, Samm Quinn explores how nearly $350 billion in federal money earmarked by the CARES Act could help keep Indiana small businesses going. And Mickey Shuey explains how Indianapolis’ major cultural institutions—such as the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and Indiana Repertory Theatre—are assessing the damage and planning to survive big hits to their operating revenue.

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Letter: Remember our neighbors in crisis

We’ve been asked as good citizens to prevent the spread of coronavirus by social distancing. Yes—let’s all do our part. But that doesn’t mean you have to close your door—or your mind, or your heart—to friends and neighbors.

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