Indianapolis Business Journal

AUG. 9-15, 2019

This week, John Russell takes a close look at Indianapolis Power & Light’s electricity rates. Ten years ago, they were the cheapest among the top 20 largest cities in America. But the utility has raised them 57 percent over the past decade, and it's gearing up to raise them again. Also in this week’s paper, Anthony Schoettle examines the possible repercussions of the proposed acquisition of Indianapolis Star owner Gannett by New York-based Gatehouse Media. Gatehouse would become the largest newspaper chain in the country, and many media industry observers fear that it will try to find cost savings by cutting positions in Gannett newsrooms. And Lindsey Erdody explains the seemingly counter-intuitive merger of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky and a Planned Parenthood affiliate in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaiian islands. The combination is meant to share the Western chapter’s resources with the struggling Midwestern affiliate.

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Small Hoosier firms go global

Not putting all of your economic eggs in one basket has always been sound advice, and over the past couple of decades, U.S. businesses have—slowly—started to apply it. In the 1950s, U.S. exports constituted only 5% of gross domestic product. Today they’re 14%—a record high that’s still rising. Yet the rate is still far below a country like Germany, where exports account for roughly 50% of GDP.

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Abbey Chambers: Inclusive growth in Indianapolis … will we mess it up?

I hear residents in places like the near-east side and near-northwest side express worry that money and power will take their neighborhoods away from them through the facade of urban revitalization “for the common good” that is actually composed of—whether intentionally or not—top-down structures and processes that exclude more than they include.

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Letter: The challenge of vacant groceries

While we understand Kroger’s decision to consolidate the number of its stores, we nonetheless are extremely concerned with what might end up at the intersection of 86th Street and Ditch Road.

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MIKE LOPRESTI: Colts camp is like a day at the county fair

This must be said about the NFL. It can market anything—even hot August days in the sun, watching guys hitting tackling dummies. Ah, the steamy pleasures of training camp. You can sit in a beer garden at the Rams’ facility in Irvine, get a look at six Super Bowl trophies at the Patriots’ place in […]

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