Indianapolis Business Journal

DEC. 13-19, 2019

Several problems conspired to bring down trucking giant Celadon Group on Dec. 9, but one that hasn't received any attention was the clubby executive culture, which included at least five recent graduates of the same small college. Greg Andrews has more on the inner workings of Celadon during its fateful slide. Also in this week’s paper, Kurt Christian takes the measure of a wave of new developments in Fishers along 106th Street, which was the next logical platform for growth after the large crop of projects that sprung up around Ikea on 116th Street. And Anthony Schoettle explains how security device maker Allegion is using its North American headquarters in Carmel to speed up innovation. It has created a studio where products can go from concept to market in less than 120.

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Letter: Maurer column will be missed

Mickey Maurer’s final column brought back a lot of memories of past columns, most of which I agreed with, many of which I learned from, but all of which I frankly enjoyed. Along

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2019 CFO of the Year: Patrick Shannon

Patrick Shannon not only guided Allegion’s spinoff in December 2013 from Ingersoll Rand, but he has has since led the company through 20 acquisitions and major investments, growing its market value from $4 billion to more than $11 billion.

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2019 CFO of the Year: John Macke

John Macke joined Merchants in 2017 at a critical time for the company; it was preparing for its $115 million initial public offering—a process he’d been through before.

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2019 CFO of the Year: Angie Clark

Angie Clark, the CFO for Indy Parks, has kept such a sharp eye on expenses while also looking for ways to enhance revenue and service delivery that the agency was certified in 2017 by the Commission for Accreditation of Parks and Recreation Agencies, recognition the it had gone without for 10 years.

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2019 CFO of the Year: Brad Bowman

Indiana Sports Corp. started 40 years ago as the first sports commission of its kind in the country, and Brad Bowman has been there almost half that time.

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2019 CFO of the Year: Gregory A. Ginder

During Gregory Ginder’s tenure as Marian University’s top financial executive, the school’s annual budget has grown from $7 million to more than $100 million and its endowment from about $15 million to more than $60 million.

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2019 CFO of the Year: Michael Shreves

Thanks to Michael Shreves’ guidance, Lawrence Township schools were able to raise teacher pay while at the same time increasing their rainy day fund 10% and reducing spending on contract services 20%.

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