Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 11-17, 2021

You can add Indianapolis-based Herff Jones to the long list of local companies that have been hacked for their customers’ personal information. Susan Orr reports the company now faces three lawsuits from college students and their parents who say they were hit with fraudulent credit- and debit-card charges after using those cards to order caps, gowns and other graduation gear from the Herff Jones website. Also in this issue, John Russell reports that use of the two COVID-19 antibodies developed by Eli Lilly and Co. has been waning in the U.S. And Kurt Christian reveals that Carmel, Fishers and Noblesville are among roughly 50 cities nationwide that are now projected to get less than half of the COVID relief money they originally expected.

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$250B legislative tech package is good for state, US

We applaud Indiana’s own Sen. Todd Young, a Republican, for joining with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, in sponsoring the bill and bringing the often-warring political parties together on such important economic issues.

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Letter: Kudos to solar power

I firsthand am receiving the benefits of generating my own power, and with net metering, being part of the solution of the grid and not the problem.

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Letter: The meaning of words matters

In the past year, how many times have we seen or heard the words “equity,” “inclusion,” “diversity,” “systemic racism,” “social justice”? These are language terms that have been driven into the American mindset and culture and glommed onto by so many organizations and businesses and political groups.

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