Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPT. 11-17, 2020

Farm Bureau Insurance is a big, established company, not the kind of firm often associated with innovation. But company officials have made instilling an innovation culture a high priority, which helps explain why the company just rolled out a startup and plans to launch others. Anthony Schoettle examines the strategy. Also this week, Susan Orr highlights some of the works of art that have sprung up around Indianapolis as part of Art & Seek, a program of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and the Arts Council of Indianapolis. In addition, Lindsey Erdody examines real estate purchases and sales by Victoria Spartz, the GOP candidate in the 5th Congressional District, who is using profits from some of the deals to help fund her campaign.

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Editorial: Remake economic development strategy for post-pandemic times

Even before the pandemic, there were efforts afoot, such as TechPoint’s partnership with TMap, to identify people with an Indiana connection who work outside the state but might be willing to return. We’ve used this space before to encourage such programs, but now there’s a new urgency to making such appeals, and not just to people who already have local ties.

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Letter: Federal deficits aren’t inherently bad

Too few dollars in circulation results in unemployment; too many dollars causes inflation. So, the only issue is whether and how much the government should add to (or subtract from) the money supply in order to achieve low inflation and full employment (in other words run a deficit or a surplus).

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