Indianapolis Business Journal

FEB. 14-20, 2020

Lindsey Erdody takes a deep dive into the career and influence of Rod Ratcliff, a pivotal figure in Indiana's horse racing and casino industry for more than three decades. And at nearly every turn, Ratcliff or his companies or his associates have run into questions and concerns about the way they interact with the public officials who make the rules associated with the industry. Also in this week's paper, Susan Orr examines the prospects for the site of the Diamond Chain Co. factory downtown. Diamond Chain’s parent company plans to close the 102-year-old facility, which is dead center in the quadrant of downtown including White River State Park, Victory Field, the Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium. And John Russell reveals that the nation's largest retailer of beer, wine and spirits is looking for a foothold in Indianapolis now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that residency requirements for liquor retailers are unconstitutional.

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Investors keep their distance from Simon stock

David Simon said Simon Property Group’s ability to buy a company for $3.6 billion in cash without having to turn to a third party for financing and without suffering credit rating downgrades is a testament to the underappreciated strengths of the business.

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