Indianapolis Business Journal

OCT. 9-15, 2020

Gov. Eric Holcomb has made a lot of promises to Hoosiers since unexpectedly becoming his party’s nom- inee for governor in 2016 after then-Gov. Mike Pence ended his campaign so he could become the vice presidential candidate for Donald Trump. An analysis by IBJ’s Lindsey Erdody finds that Holcomb has accomplished or at least made progress on most of them. Also in this week’s issue, John Russell examines what the latest computer models are indicating about the death toll in Indiana from COVID-19. And Mickey Shuey examines how the owner of the Indiana Convention Center and Indianapolis’ major sports venues is planning for an extremely lean 2021 with revenue reduced by a third.

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Editorial: Race for governor keeps us in dark

Granted, Holcomb and his campaign have nothing to gain politically by introducing creative policy proposals in the midst of a safe race. But how about January? He’ll have four years and little to lose by making bold proposals that can help those who are struggling, shore up our weaknesses and make Indiana more economically competitive than ever.

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Garrett Mintz: Leaders often underestimate their abilities

As a society, we assume the most prominent business leaders have it all together—that they are brimming with confidence and are unshakable. We have conditioned ourselves to believe that leaders must be ever confident—that an organization’s CEO must have the answers, whether that’s because he or she is at the top of the organizational chart or because the leader has control.

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LETTER: ParkIndy continues to pay off for city

In her Sept. 4 column [Privatizing parking meters is a mistake we’re stuck with], academic and scholar Sheila Kennedy revived her assault on one of Mayor Greg Ballard’s signature achievements: the ParkIndy initiative. Mrs. Kennedy’s partisan broadside omitted the most salient point about ParkIndy: Ballard took thousands and turned it into millions. Prior to the […]

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