Indianapolis Business Journal

DEC. 6-12, 2019

John Russell examines the success of Zionsville-based BHI Senior Living. That’s the developer of the upscale, 500-unit Hoosier Village campus, which has a long waiting list. BHI is thriving in a tough market for retirement communities. Back in Indianapolis, Democrats on the City-County Council raised some hackles when they proposed more than doubling the base pay for their part-time positions. It’s an easy thing to criticize, but, as Samm Quinn reports this week, the base pay hasn’t changed in more than 30 years, and Indianapolis councilors are underpaid compared to some nearby peer cities. And we have a classic tale of entrepreneurial ingenuity. Sam Stall reports on Fatheadz, which makes plus-sized eyewear. It was started by Indianapolis resident Rico Elmore after he couldn’t find any sunglasses that would fit his generously sized melon.

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EDITORIAL: SEC’s enforcement actions protect integrity of markets

The Securities and Exchange Commission under President Trump isn’t known for its aggressiveness. As a Reuters analysis recently highlighted, the nation’s “top market cop is slowly taking the shackles off corporations,” in the hope that relaxed regulation will help reverse a 20-year decline in the number of U.S. public company listings. But we’re glad to […]

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Letter: Protect God’s creation

Gary Varvel’s statements regarding man not being able to destroy the climate because God would not allow it is putting way too much of a burden on God for the failures of man.

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Letter: Faith doesn’t justify climate devastation

A naive belief that God will act in the 11th hour to reverse human-caused damage allows the so-called faithful to remain complacent and to continue “business as usual” in the irresponsible exploitation of Earth’s resources.

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