Indianapolis Business Journal

NOV. 20-26, 2020

The latest surge in COVID-19 cases has local restaurateurs fretting that public officials are on the cusp of imposing severe restrictions that they say will force hundreds of local eateries to close—some permanently. Mickey Shuey explores the challenges they face as they head into the winter months, and Susan Orr presents several local case studies for how restaurants have been able to survive so far. Also in this week’s issue, Samm Quinn tracks the latest developments at Marian University as it continues to set and meet aggressive goals for expanding its programs and enrollment. And Kurt Christian catches up with auto racing legend Bobby Rahal, whose team took the top two spots at this year’s Indy 500 and is now building a $20 million headquarters in Zionsville.

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Letter: Look beyond utilities for our energy future

Thousands of ordinary Hoosiers have invested in distributed-energy resources like customer-owned rooftop solar and battery storage. Survey data from Indiana University shows that a majority of Hoosiers want to add solar to their home.

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