Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPT. 16-22, 2022

Duke Realty Corp. was founded in Indianapolis in 1972 and became one of the biggest real estate investment trusts in the Midwest. In June, it entered into a $26 billion merger agreement that will make it a small part of a West Coast-based developer. Mickey Shuey documents the last days of Duke Realty. Also in this week’s issue, John Russell charts the escalating tensions between emergency room physicians and insurance companies over reimbursement rates. And Dave Lindquist reports on the effort to boost businesses southeast of downtown by creating a new label for the area: Fountain Fletcher.

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Letter: Good roads needed for good economy

Rural, urban and suburban Hoosiers depend on each other to create a healthy economy and positive future. All regions of the state benefit from good connectivity. Thanks to IBJ for reporting Policy Analytics’ research concluding that Marion County’s most populous county, ranks last in funding-per-vehicle mile, receiving only 12 cents for every dollar it contributes […]

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