Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 9-15, 2021

The state of Indiana has an estimated $3 billion in federal funding coming its way, with few restrictions on how to spend it. IBJ’s Lindsey Erdody took a look at three of the state’s longtime—but neglected—priorities to gauge the impact of a $3 billion windfall. Also in this week’s issue, Susan Orr explores how adult entertainers in Indiana are trying to get to the bottom of a legal question that affects many Hoosiers: When is an independent contractor really an employee, covered by minimum wage and overtime laws. And Kurt Christian reports that the president of the Westfield City Council is now questioning whether to move forward with a $15 million project to widen State Road 32 that’s been in the works for more than a decade.

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Editorial: Kudos to local officials who staged a memorable NCAA Tournament

Congratulations to the Indiana Sports Corp., Visit Indy, city officials, the NCAA and all those responsible for hosting a Men’s Basketball Tournament that should make Hoosiers proud. Was it without incident? No. One of the 68 teams had to drop out when players tested positive for COVID-19. A group of officials left even before the […]

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Jim Merritt: Connecting during COVID—Indiana must close digital divide

We know that many Hoosiers who have access to digital infrastructure are unable or unwilling to subscribe. When so many in our state are struggling to put a meal on the table, they will inevitably struggle to have devices and a broadband subscription. Building new infrastructure will not bridge this gap. We must also invest in broadband adoption and digital literacy programs.

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