Indianapolis Business Journal

MAY 13-19, 2022

The owners of the Willows Event Center, tucked into a White River oxbow just north of Broad Ripple, want to redevelop the site with more than 250 apartments and town houses. Mickey Shuey reports on the tidal wave of opposition to the project from prominent and well-heeled local residents who fear the project is too big and could exacerbate traffic hazards along a tricky portion of Westfield Boulevard. Also in this week’s issue, Dave Lindquist outlines a new program encouraging Indianapolis employers to pay workers at least $18 per hour, based on the theory that higher wages will result in lower staff turnover and higher productivity. And we honor the city’s top physicians, researchers, volunteers and community health providers in IBJ’s annual Health Care Heroes awards program.

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Letters: Council doesn’t deserve raises funded by taxpayers

IBJ editorial writers missed the point of my argument on pay increases for the Indianapolis City-County Council [“Editorial: It’s time to allow a pay hike for city-county councilors,” May 6]. They should listen to my shows on WIBC and not base an editorial on one tweet. This is the fourth time in seven years that […]

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Letters: Law will lower utility bill taxes

At a time when costs are increasing across the board, Hoosiers will soon benefit from the elimination of a special tax on utility bills. The repeal means monthly savings for all customers beginning July 1. The Utility Receipts Tax and Utility Services Tax is currently a 1.46% addition to energy bills based on usage. The […]

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Letters: Keep running columns by Shabazz

I enjoy and appreciate Abdul-Hakim Shabazz columns in IBJ. I hope you keep asking him to write on future topics. In previous IBJ columns, he has referred to the story about “a mighty thin pancake that don’t have two sides” [“Abdul-Hakim Shabazz: A resolution for 2022—keep an open mind,” Forefront, Jan. 14]. That tells us […]

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