Indianapolis Business Journal

JULY 24-30, 2020

This week, Lindsey Erdody explores how many not-for-profit groups that provide vital services for needy clients have been forced to cut back and modify their missions on the fly during the pandemic. Mickey Shuey digs into the co-dependent relationship between downtown’s restaurants and the city’s hard-hit convention and tourism business. We have an in-depth interview on the topic of downtown’s survival with Mayor Joe Hogsett. He was grilled by the IBJ editorial board about a variety of concerns, including the city’s response to rioting and looting last month and the potential that the loss of convention business could start a chain reaction that debilitates downtown. And be sure to check out IBJ's annual list of the 25 fastest-growing companies in the Indianapolis area.

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Couple’s germ-fighting robot keeps humans safe

The skill sets of husband-and-wife duo Jason and Diana Brugh are as perfectly blended for the task they aim to accomplish as the abilities of the integrated robots they’re building to kill germs and fight coronavirus in the workplace. Diana Brugh is a microbiologist with experience in food science and working with bacteria- and virus-killing […]

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LETTER: Thank you for good care

My son Adam is my world and, like for most parents, his well-being and safety is my number one priority. That’s why when he tested positive for COVID-19 my heart sank. Even though the virus hadn’t impacted adults around his age, 40, as severely as other groups, Adam is at higher risk because of underlying […]

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LETTER: Hill is no role model

I am a frequent reader of Curt Smith’s columns and enjoy his perspectives on matters which are important to our community. With respect to his July 10 Forefront column, “Three voices worth hearing in fight to stop violence,” I respectfully disagree with his choice of Curtis Hill as one of those voices. The point about […]

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LETTER: Positive news much appreciated

The alternating columns of Greg Morris and Nate Feltman are always thoughtful, informative and enjoyable, whether or not one agrees with the opinion expressed in each. I was motivated to write a long overdue letter of appreciation after reading Feltman’s column in the July 17 IBJ: “Are you ready for some positive news?” My answer […]

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LETTER: You can’t delete the past

I was especially pleased to see Indiana University McKinney School of Law student Riley Parr’s valid reasoning in his recent Forefront column [Don’t consider history in the context of today, Forefront, July 17]. Don’t you wish that all the so-called Constitutional EXPERTS really knew what they were talking about? Deleting persons of veneration of the […]

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Fast 25: Formstack LLC

The company, which helps customers build online forms and automate workflow, has made five acquisitions in the past 24 months, the most recent an e-signature business.

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Fast 25: Gemco Constructors LLC

The company excels by letting “our team members do what they’re great at and encouraging them to go for it,” said Andrew Toth, the chief financial officer for the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, building automation systems and service contractor.

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Fast 25: Mainstay Property Group

The real estate investment firm handles 150-200 projects a year on behalf of other investors that are both local and out of state, meaning it coaches, consults and advises those investors on Indy-area properties.

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Fast 25: Hubstaff

The firm’s software lets small businesses create detailed reports about the amount of time employees spending working for each client on a daily and hourly basis. It can be used to invoice clients automatically, show them proof of work, pay contractors, manage flow and more.

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Fast 25: GadellNet IT Consulting

The firm, which provides IT services for small and midsize companies, has been working more with businesses that are looking beyond fixing their infrastructure to figuring out how to maximize employee productivity and efficiency.

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Fast 25: Metazoa Brewing Co.

Some Indianapolis restaurants have asked the breweary to make proprietary beers for them—which they do—and Metazoa also cans three of its beers for sale in local grocery and liquor stores.

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Fast 25: DB Services

The software maker has grown thanks to long-term relationships the company has built with its clients, some of whom have been partners for more than a decade.

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