Indianapolis Business Journal

JULY 26-AUG. 1, 2019

In this week's issues, John Russell reports that private addiction treatment centers are springing up across central Indiana, with out-of-state companies spending millions of dollars in the race to treat people with substance-abuse disorders. And in many cases, they are opening high-end facilities in wealthy neighborhoods, and refusing low-income Medicaid patients in favor of those with higher-paying private insurance plans. Also in this week’s paper, Sorell Grow explains how U.S. Senator Todd Young of Indiana has become a crusader for raising the minimum age for buying tobacco to 21. The issue might not seem like a natural fit for Young, but he says he feels a moral imperative to act. And in Focus, Samm Quinn explains how local country clubs are evolving to meet the needs of millennials.

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City-County Building

City to tie incentives to $18-an-hour pay

Starting Jan. 1, Develop Indy will change the way it awards millions of dollars in tax abatements and training grants annually. Only businesses that pay workers at least $18 an hour, give them access to health care benefits and support other community programs will be eligible.

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LETTER: Cautious Indiana misses opportunity

The excuses by Gov. Holcomb, Speaker Bosma and most of the Legislature to avoid what the vast majority of their voting constituents not only approve of, but have asked for—the legalization of marijuana—have become very old, trite, archaic and almost embarrassing at this point.

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Fast 25: Hoosier Logistics

The company typically hauls from the Midwest to the West Coast and then brings fresh produce back—lettuce, strawberries, cherries.

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Fast 25: Probo Medical

The company has grown explosively by helping health care systems save money through the use of refurbished ultrasound probes and related products.

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Fast 25: Etica Group

The consulting firm—which provides such services as architecture, civil engineering and construction inspection—further accelerated growth with a big acquisition in 2017.

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Fast 25: eGov Strategies

The company processes more than $1 billion in credit card and debit card payments and income-based repayments online for cities, counties and states.

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Fast 25: Innovatemap

Revenue growth FY 2016 to 2018: 109% 2018 revenue: $4.2 million Major achievements: CEO Mike Reynolds said 2018 was “a banner year” for Innovatemap, a digital-products agency that helps tech companies put the best possible product into the marketplace. The team grew to 21 members, up from 16, and in February 2018 the company solidified […]

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Fast 25: Rehab Medical

Three acquisitions have helped accelerate the growth of the company, which provides physical rehabilitation equipment to doctors, patients and other clients.

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Fast 25: Print Resources

The company’s investment in new printing presses and its longstanding relationship with clients like Salesforce have propelled its growth.

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Fast 25: William Roam

The company, which started by establishing a presence in hotels with its shampoos and personal-care products, has begun evolving into a beauty brand.

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Fast 25: Kennedy Tank & Manufacturing Co.

Revenue growth FY 2016 to 2018: 54% 2018 revenue: $40.5 million Founded in 1898: Kennedy Tank & Manufacturing Co. is a 120-year-old company “that’s had some pretty good growth recently,” President Patrick Kennedy said. He attributes the growth to a strong economy that’s caused companies to invest in capital expenditures they’ve been putting off for […]

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Fast 25: Gemco Constructors

The company—a mechanical, electrical, plumbing, building-automation systems and service contractor—helps build huge warehouses across the country.

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Fast 25: Office360

The office supply company was able to return to the Fast 25 thanks to an acquisition and landing the accounts of big Indianapolis hospital systems.

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Fast 25: Pet Wellness Clinics

Dr. Mike Graves built and sold a chain of animal hospitals in the 1980s and 1990s. Now, he’s growing Pet Wellness Clinics, which will have eight locations by early next year.

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